10 characters who know smoking is cool

One of the more obscure entries on the list, Jake makes up for it in the sheer power and quantity of his tobacco intake. But first a little history: known as Jinguji Saburo in his native Japan, his series dates back to the NES era, but his first adventure in English was on the DS last year. His adventures are of the noir detective variety, and his smoking fits the gumshoe archetype, but Jake takes it a little further.

Jake needs smoking primarily to collect his thoughts. In the game, whenever you feel stuck in a situation and could use a clue, hit the right trigger to pull out a lighter. Jake starts smoking, and then gives you a fairly clear clue for what to do next. And this isn't something you can just do once in a while. In any scene, he can smoke over and over again. He can even "give clues" in a freaking hospital.

Not only does Jake teach players the powerful benefits of smoking for your state of mind, but by the end of each chapter in one of his digital stories he lights one more cigarette in case you hadn't got your fill. As you go through a multiple-choice questionnaire about recent events, he enjoys his umpteenth visit to flavor country. Jake always saves the day, but we wonder how well he'd do without his deductive crutch.