10 amazing things to do in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

10) Ride the unicorn
There are plenty of horses in Oblivion and they’re invaluable for getting around quickly. There’s only one unicorn, though. She’s a dangerously powerful beast, capable of trampling enemies or goring them with her horn, making her a potentially valuable stead. The main problem is that she’s protected by three minotaurs that need dispatching first. But there is one other issue. She’s mental and will attack anything that draws a weapon - enemies, allies and even her own rider. In fact, if anyone so much as waves a fist around she goes ballistic and kills everything. A real faux pas for any mode of transport.

The ones we didn’t pick

The gladiator fights
Enter the arena in Imperial City and it’s possible to fight for fun and profit. With each battle, foes become more dangerous and the rewards more lucrative. Anyone crowned Champion of the Arena can then choose opponents at will to entertain the crowds.

The sunken sailor
In the town of Bravil, the villagers talk of a ghost that haunts the nearby harbor. Go there after dark and he’ll appear, asking that someone visit the shipwreck where his body lies trapped. Anyone who visits the galleon and unshackles his bones will be rewarded with a treasure map.


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