10 amazing things to do in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

It's not all about horse armor

1) Work as a hitman
In Oblivion, committing a murder is a case of %26ldquo;when,%26rdquo; not %26ldquo;if.%26rdquo; Once blood has been spilled it attracts the interest of the Assassins Guild, known as the Dark Brotherhood. They%26rsquo;re always on the lookout for new recruits with a, let%26rsquo;s say, carefree attitude to other people%26rsquo;s lives. Early missions are basic hatchet jobs, but promotion unlocks later assignments requiring Agent 47 levels of cunning. One target is dealt with by causing an ornamental stag%26rsquo;s head to fall and crush him, making everyone think it was an accident, while another hit sees a house full of people in need of offing, one by one, without anyone noticing.

2) Become an art critic
Sort of. In the town of Cheydinhal there%26rsquo;s talk of an artist called Rythe Lythandas, who%26rsquo;s disappeared. Investigating uncovers a strange magical picture that can be entered. It turns out that Rythe makes his work ultra-realistic by drawing the details from %26ldquo;inside%26rdquo; the image with a magic brush. Sadly, Rythe has lost the brush so he can%26rsquo;t paint an exit - and there are several trolls that need to be dealt with to get it back.

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